Matching potential DSW(s) with the needs of Medicaid Members we serve is a critical part of what we do each day at Payroll Plus of Kansas. Though we are not the employer, we are always striving to provide our Clients with information and assistance. We are always searching for people who have a desire to be a Personal Care Assistant on behalf of our Clients.

Pay Period: Semi-monthly (1st-15th) and (16th-End of month)

Distribution of Paychecks: Designated Official Pay-dates are the 10th and the 25th of the month (10 days following the end of the pay-period) The Member Employer may choose from options of distribution .

  • Employers may submit Claim-sheets soon after the end of the pay-period to request payment earlier than the Official Pay Date: If an employer claims hours utilizing the print-out of AuthentiCare hours from our web site or a handwritten claim-sheet (matching AuthentiCare) via fax, e-mail or mail to Payroll+ office validating the hours with their signature, Payroll Plus will presume the Employer desires payment as promptly as possible. Payroll Plus will work diligently as always to process and return payment to workers as soon as possible after having received the authorized claim.

  • Employers may desire not to send claim-sheets, and rather choose to have their workers paid on the Official Pay-Day: This options means that the Employer has had opportunity to view their hours or contact our office to obtain information and make edits to AuthentiCare if necessary, they believe the hours in AuthentiCare to be accurate, and desire Payroll+ to make payment to the worker utilizing the hours that are in AuthentiCare, and understand that this option will cause their worker to be paid on the Official Payday (The 25th following mid-month payroll, and the 10th following the end-of-month pay-period).

Claim-sheets & Exceptions Report (Paper Forms)

Options for Wage Payment: Electronic Direct deposit or PayCard is provided (From Date of Process of Payroll it takes 2 bank days to reach the DSW account).

Rates of Pay: The Medicaid Member or their Representative will choose a base rate of pay within Medicaid Reimbursment limits.

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