Our Service to You

Tools: We empower our clients with the tools needed to recruit, hire, train, schedule and manage their Direct Support Worker (DSW) staff.

Rates of pay: Payroll Plus does not set the rate of pay for your DSW staff, rather the Manager-Of-Care in the home will be setting the base rate of pay within limits of reimbursment set by Medicaid. Payroll Plus will assist the Manager with determining the range of rates that could be set within the Members budget.

Medicaid Policy: Work with Medicaid Member Employment team to keep them informed concerning Medicaid Policy, so that they remain in compliance.

Taxes and Insurance: Assist Medicaid Member with tax applications and submission of those applications to tax authorities for proper administration; ensure DSW's are covered by workers compensation as required by law; withhold and deposit proper withholding taxes from DSW pay-checks; process and submit all employer tax filings and deposits; and provide DSW's with annual W2

Wages: Calculate and pay wages for hours of service covered by the Plan of Care and employment service agreement, less appropriate withholding taxes.

Background checks: Perform KBI, KDHE, Child abuse and Adult abuse registry checks as required by Kansas Medicaid Policy, on all workers you hire.

Timely: Issue paychecks, correspondence, and annual employee W2's in a timely fashion.

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